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Creating Your Own Reality Using Quantum Physics

By Evie Sparkes, 5 years ago

The Theory That There are Infinite Realities

I have always been fascinated with quantum physics. I suppose it’s because I like the idea that reality is not as we understand it to be. We see what we expect to see and that is how we live. So if I believed in ghosts, I mean, really, really believed, then it’s pretty likely that I will see one. I don’t so I don’t.

My Mum has this thing about white feathers. She sees them everywhere and they appear in the strangest of places. She would like to think that they are messages from my Dad. I believe that she sees them because she wants to see them. They make her feel better.

Most of us into this stuff have tried the white feather experiment. I know how easy it is to have one appear out of nowhere. When I tried it for the first time, it was a crazy experience. I pulled up onto the drive with my roof down in the Summer. As I turned off the engine, a little white feather floated down onto the dashboard. I’d only imagined it a few hours before. Now some would say, you didn’t create that you crazy woman, it was a coincidence. But I choose to believe that I did create it. Quite easily as it happens.

What has Intention Got to Do With Quantum Physics?

There have been many experiments by scientists based around random number generators. So statistically the number one would come out say 7 times in a certain time-frame. They sent people in telling them to intend the number one to be selected. The statistics went out of the window. The number one came out way more times than in ought to. But why not every time? Because (in my opinion) quite a few of those participants would have thought the theory nuts. They would have gone into the experiment thinking there is no way this can happen, it can’t be real. Intention has to be backed up with either belief or at the very least the acceptance of the possibility.

Quantum physics is inexplicable. If you observe something, it will behave as you would expect. If you look the other way, become consumed with something else, it may behave differently. Take a look at the double slit experiment if you haven’t already seen it.

I believe that this is how we create: If we want something specific to come into our lives, we have to look the other way in order to let reality create it for us. If we constantly observe and question, then it’s unlikely to appear for us. Now I am not saying that this has anything to do with quantum physics as what on earth do I know? Maybe consciousness and energy is completely separate from it. All I am saying is that it possibly has something to do with what is going on.

Quantum physics: allows for particles to be in two states at the same time – That’s the official line, so if that this is the case, then isn’t it a good case for multiple realities?

There is a saying and it goes: If you think you understand quantum physics, you don’t understand quantum physics.

I don’t understand it. I have no idea how it’s possible to intend for something to happen only to have it happen a few days later once I have completely let it go.

I just know that is what is happening. Or maybe it’s happening because I believe it is! It’s a bit of a mind bend. The trick to making it work for you is to accept that you don’t get it. Trying to explain the inexplicable is a slippery slope into madness.

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