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The Law of Attraction and Letting Go

By Evie Sparkes, 5 years ago

To Let go is to Receive

Letting go will set you free – First of all let me say that there really is no long road to manifesting the things that you want to come into your reality, other than the long one that we create with our subconscious thought and beliefs.

In fact, the road is a very easy and short one. But in order to get the the place you want to be, you have to learn how to let go…..at least 60% anyway. Not so unattainable now?

Letting go is a term that our rational brain struggles with. It says: Let go? Why on earth would we do that? We want it, we really, really want it.

Well, yes we do, but we have to stop the thought process. I mean stop over-thinking it. You don’t have to worry that the Universe will conclude that you don’t want that thing or person anymore. The Universe isn’t in charge here. You are.

You know what you want don’t you? Are you likely to forget? Yes to question one and No to number two!

Letting go Means Reality Can Move For You

Once you let go, and by let go, I mean give up the expectation of that thing that you want and stop trying to visualise getting it. You can still imagine if it makes you feel good but not if it’s becoming a chore. The thing is that when we make it our job to find the way to make this thing happen, we are in essence stopping reality from changing. We are taking over and we have no bloody idea what we are doing. We think that we do because we have been given an ego. The ego is what holds us back when it comes to creating with the law of attraction.

We are the creators here, but we have to leave the rest to whatever this magic is. Reality has moved for me in so many weird and wonderful ways over the past two years. I could never have imagined the ways in which things have come to me.

Letting Go For The Most Part

Don’t worry if you have periods of time where you are attached still. So long as for at least sixty percent of the time you are going about your life and being happy living it as it is right now, that’s all that’s required.

What we are looking at doing is releasing enough of our attachment to allow reality to move. If we have our desires in a vice-like grip then believe me when I say that we have no chance of ever getting that elusive thing.

Letting go simply means accepting reality as it is right now in this moment, but knowing it can change in a heartbeat.

If we can’t let go then we won’t get. It really is as simple as that. It’s the thing that a lot of teachers don’t stress strongly enough in my opinion. All that’s really needed is an intention and release. Simple right? Hmmmm….when we want something so badly letting go becomes to hardest thing to come to terms with and to put into practise.

Get The Feeling of Acceptance

Sit in a quiet place and find the feeling within you. The feeling of acceptance of what is. Sit with that feeling for a few minutes. It will be artificial and your rational brain will tell you that you are kidding yourself. Don’t worry, ignore it in favour of more practise.

Making The Law of Attraction work for you can take some time. I mean, it’s working all of the time of course, but making it work in a positive way to bring you everything that you want takes persistent practise.

The feeling is everything. Get that and release and you’ll have all of those things in no time at all.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. One thing at a time is fine. Pick the desire that you are least attached to first and intend it to come into your reality. Get the feeling of having it and then let it go to magic. Your job is done. When it comes, it will be seamless and you will wonder if it might have come anyway, even without your desire, intention and release. That’s what is so great about this stuff 🙂

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